Roy is an accomplished Chinese-American rally, desert and go-kart racer. He has raced in Baja, Pikes Peak as well as many other events and places around North America. When he is not racing or fixing race vehicles at his shop in Redlands, he enjoys spending his time gardening and rescuing dogs.


“Vinny” is an experienced Trophy Spec and 1450 Pro driver based out of Yucaipa, CA. He runs MCC Pipeline Inc. and enjoys spending time with his family.


Blake is an accomplished off road racer from San Diego with multiple desert championships under his belt. Known as the VW Bug guy, he is best known for racing his class 11 bug “Slug Shark” as well as Jaws, the first ever Trophy Truck with a bug body. His garage also includes: The rear engine wheelie machine long travel dual sport bug known as Megalodon. Hammerhead, the Jeep XJ built on the Hoonigans build. Death Shark, a daring mini boat known for flying off jumps and last but not least, his Polaris Pro R. The list of toys doesn’t stop there, however. Those are his extreme weapons of choice for any element the desert might throw at him. This is why we at Gravel Kings support Wilkey! He can build and SHRED!


Darren Parsons was born and raised in the high desert of Ridgecrest, CA. In his early years he spent most of his spare time riding dirt bikes and working on quarter mile dragsters with his father.

Eventually, Darren sold his off-road vehicles to purse a passion he had dreamed of – building a race truck for himself that was capable of dominating the track. Through the knowledge instilled in him through his father, and countless hours of dedicated research and building, he succeeded.

Darren entered Unlimited Class and Class 1450, choosing anything he could find with the most contestants, and won numerous Championships and Races on his way to becoming a well-known figure in the industry. His recently reconfigured 1993 Ford Ranger 1400 Race Truck is the latest installment in the Parsons legacy.

An infamous 90’s themed graphic, and enough power under the hood to take serious flight has gained superior fame for the iconic vehicle and its driver, and after numerous rebuilds and even a disastrous fire, it is worth its weight in gold. Through this life altering fire, Darren’s thoughts revolves around the idea of becoming a tri level off road personality. During the downtime, he took his beloved family vehicle (1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ) and transformed it into an iconic 4 wheel drive asset for companies. Just as one may think it ends there, Darren defied the odds once again by pursuing the UTV realm as well, in both racing and adventuring.

Although Darren is one of the more notable names in Off-Road, he is also a true family man at heart, having two incredible daughters and a wife that stands by him through it all. Together, they have bonded through the off-road community, and Darren’s popularity continues to rise with each challenge he sets for himself.


Zach is a UTV driver from Barstow. He is the reigning, back to back DP4 Production Turbo Champion. He helps run Mirage Motorsports in Barstow.


Steven has always had a passion for racing and began working on trucks at a young age. He stepped out from behind the camera lens covering races to being apart of the events racing in 2021.


Trey Hernquist is a 23 year old, San Diego California native! A recent graduate of Northern Arizona University with a Batchelors of Science in Business Administration and Marketing! While managing his studies, Trey’s focus and dedication allowed him to win the 2020 SCORE International Class 5 championship. His drive, commitment and passion are a powerful combination.

Practically being born into racing, Trey was immersed in it through his father and multi- time off-road champion Bill Hernquist – starting with local amature motorcross quickly grew and later transitioning to off-road AMA hare and hound races on a dirt bike. At age 14 he jumped behind the wheel competitively racing a Class 12 buggy and shocking the field, to now racing his current state-of-the-art Class 5 Unlimited race car.

Trey’s business marketing and sales talents allow him to identify and create meaningful relationships with his partners, translating his on-track and off-track presence into brand recognition and sales. Establishing long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with his current partners through real-life exposure, social media content understanding how to direct exposure to his target markets.